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A powerful tool that functions as a bridge between your business and your customers.

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Create, manage & track all your lead generation activities on a single, powerful Blockchain based platform.

Boost your

Using outdated lead generation techniques that no longer work for the business? Say goodbye to databases that are sold to 10 other companies. Instead, say Hello! to our lead generation process and grow your business with us.

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& Ownership

Funel offers a secure platform to manage your leads and provides complete ownership of your leads. We don’t sell the same data to any other client. Every lead is stored in a secure encrypted format. Now get a hyper-personalized experience tailored to your needs.

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Value For

Our cost-effective solution provides you with everything you need to create perfect sales funnels for your business for less than the cost of a Full-Time Employee. Service that won’t disappoint your wallet.

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Decentralized, Lead Generation

Similar to how the decentralized finance movement is transforming traditional finance, Funnel is transforming the lead generation industry.

secure technology

The blockchain-based solution provides complete data ownership, a secure way to store your leads, competitive advantage and API integration.

Since 2014, we’ve created many successful funnels that have helped our clients reach new heights by getting more closures and sales than ever before.

We empower the growth and prestige of all who are associated with us, and we ensure a healthy and quality work environment.

It is a new AI-powered innovative tool that combines both AI and decentralized technology.

Quick to onboard and easy to set up. Simple yet effective lead management tool to support your sales process.

We have a 24X7 robust support system in place to answer your questions and resolve your issues.

Decentralized, Sales Funnels

Funel makes use of the sha-526 algorithm to secure your leads. The team members can only add data without view or download access.

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Ready to get started?

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1. Tell us about your needs

What kind of leads do you need? If you only have the product information, don’t worry. A funel manager will help you define and filter the target market and support the process from start to finish.

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2. Target Market Research

Once we know all the details regarding your project. Funel Manager will create a perfect lead generation strategy and deploy our experts to build your sales funnel.

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3. All set and ready to go

On the funel platform, you get a complete overview of your leads, and you will be able to communicate with your funel manager. Manage leads, invoices, sales team and much more.

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Power up your Sales Funnel

Fully decentralized
and secure

We have made our tool user friendly and easy to use. Funnel offers you a fully secure platform to manage your sales on the GO.

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Manage your leads and scale up your sales team

Now manage your leads on the GO. We offer mobile and web applications to manage, download and securely store your leads.

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Invoices, support & chat

One-click chat system enables our users to communicate with our project manager within a few mins. Now you can access and manage your invoices on the GO.

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