5 B2B Lead Generation Tools You Can Try in 2022.

To remain in the competition, B2B company needs high-quality leads. Here we list the top 5 B2B Lead Generation Tools you should try.

What is B2B lead generation?

A business-to-business (B2B) lead is a prospective customer identified and initiated through marketing.

In other words, the sale process is the first process that every company must take before making a sale. Potential customers are businesses that might be interested in your product or service. Capturing information from these contacts and feeding it into the sales funnel is an excellent way to generate interest. It will result in the conversion of a lead into a customer.

B2B lead generation companies can generate new leads in various ways. Inbound marketing, which contains social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and outbound marketing, including cold calling, email marketing, and inside sales, are a few methods that B2B marketers use to generate new leads.  Still, few are as effective as email marketing.

When polled, a vast majority of the B2B customers still prefer to receive marketing messages via email. Therefore 

we always recommend running inbound and outbound email campaigns concurrently to maximize your potential reach.

“We will look at the top 5 B2B lead  generation tools you should try in 2022.”

More than just getting visitors to your website is involved in lead generating. It’s also about gathering information about them so you can improve communication and turn infrequent visitors into regular clients. And like any difficult task, lead generation necessitates using the proper tools even for professional marketers. 

Almost every marketer is looking for dependable lead generation tools to help them find more buyers and increase their sales. Lead generation is more than just getting customers to visit your website, it is also about getting them to take the desired action, such as paying you or purchasing what you have to offer. 

It may appear to be a simple task on paper. Still, it can be pretty complicated unless you have the right lead generation tool. 

That’s why we will share our top 5 B2B lead tools that you should try in 2022, which will help you nail every aspect of web-based lead generation in this post. That way, you can 

choose which tools are best for your business, and you will be generating more leads and closing more sales in no time. 

LinkedIn sales navigator comes in B2B Lead Generation Tools

LinkedIn sales navigator is regarded as the best lead-generating tool. LinkedIn sales navigator is a collection of subscription-based LinkedIn offerings.  The offerings are to assist sales professionals in identifying prospects receiving alerts on prospects’ LinkedIn activity and requesting introductions to prospects through shared connections.  Subscriptions are available every month. Premium features are available in sales navigator that is not available in LinkedIn free tier accounts to capture leads. The major features of LinkedIn sales navigator are as under:-

– Try Lead builder in the list of B2B Lead Generation Tools

Linked in’s lead builder feature allows you to narrow down the used searches by applying various filters. As a result,  you will have an easier time reaching out to the right prospect. LinkedIn Sales Navigator filter areas under – •


• Company  

• Geography 

• Industry  

• Company size 

• Relationship  

• Function  

• Seniority level 

However, a free LinkedIn account includes some of the above filters. In addition, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides an advanced lead search opportunity where you can find more targeted leads and some of their valuable specifics. 

 Additionally, this feature informs you of users who have recently changed jobs and the user who has created a  LinkedIn post or been featured in industry news.

– Save as lead:

It’s painful and time-consuming to drill through the entire list after you’ve set a targeted search to find your ideal customers. Save as lead in LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to save your search in the form of information for your business in different sections of your dashboard. 

Allows you to access all of your leads in one place easily. In addition, you will receive periodic updates on your leads.  As a result, you can learn about their activities and know them better by liking or commenting on their updates before looking for job opportunities.

– In Mail: 

The main feature is ideal for sending private messages to prospects or other LinkedIn users even if you are not connected to them. It is one of the practical LinkedIn prospecting tools for increasing lead engagement. 

 The in-mail feature is only available for paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts. It has a monthly message limit based on your account type. For  Sales Navigator Team and Enterprise accounts, the maximum number in Mail is 20, 30, and 50, respectively. – Sales Navigator Team 

As the name suggests, this feature should be helpful for any LinkedIn sales or marketing team. It enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate more  efficiently in reaching their goals, giving each team  member the ability to:

• Save up to 5000 prospects and create a list.  • Every month send 30 In Mails. 

• Access team link, another LinkedIn feature that allows you to reach a large audience by utilizing team connections. 

• Connect to their Salesforce/Dynamic account and use regular reports to track sales performance.

– CRM integration

CRM Integrated is yet another powerful LinkedIn Sales  Navigator feature. It allows you to connect your LinkedIn account to popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce and  Microsoft Dynamics.  As a result, you can complete your tasks without switching between your CRM and Sales  Navigator.

HubSpot Tool

As a general all-around B2B technology marketing agency, HubSpot has a reputation for being the finest.  While many existing systems focus on just one or two parts of sales and marketing, Hub Spot offers a wide range of unique and valuable features to assure information flow. 

The database is used for almost the entire degree possible. SEO layouts and online calendars are helpful features that keep things organized, running well, and increasing. Hub Spot is a solid option for creating and consolidating leads for B2B technology companies focusing on inbound marketing with a demand for marketing automation.

Hub Spot Features for B2B lead generation that Attract  and Nurture Lead:

– Automated Email and Workflow: 

• With Hub Spot, you can schedule emails whenever someone fills out a form on your website. For example,  when someone downloads a white paper or gated piece of content from your site, Hub Spot allows you to send an automated email with a link to the white paper PDF. It is a simple way to impress website visitors. 

• You can also use Hub Spot to create email workflows.  Workflows enable marketers to automate tasks like email sends and contact list updates. For example, in  Hub Spot, you can set up workflows to send a series of emails based on contacts to interact content. Workflows can also help you automate sales processes by setting up enrollment triggers CRM with In-Depth Contact  Insights. 

• Hub Spot hosts both your website and your CRM. As a  result, Hubspot gives you a better understanding of how contacts interact with your website and content. For example, with Hub Spot’s CRM, you can see which web pages your connection visited and which emails they opened. In addition, Hubspot provides your sales team with more information about your contacts’ interests. 

• For example, if you know a contact has been reading content on test systems from your website, you can send this contact an email with more content on test systems. Marketing and sales exist to assist potential buyers in resolving problems. With Hub Spot sales, you 

can better assist contacts with in-depth insights such as these. 

– Social media management 

Social media marketing is here to stay. Strategy is and should incorporate into all business marketing plans. 

Indeed, 90 percent of marketers report that social media marketing has increased their company’s exposure. 

The issue is finding a good place to manage society efficiently. Good news: Hub Spot Marketing Hub’s social media management and analytics are exceptional. You can connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts to have a single location to create, schedule,  and analyze post results. This is a very time-saving feature that eliminates platform hopping. 


Hunter.io is used as a B2B lead generation tool to create email campaigns. It does not rely on co-registration advertising, unlike some other marketing software.  Instead, it simply gathers company emails from websites. 

Because it is so simple, it is best suited for digital marketing newcomers or people looking for a one-time solution. Hunter’s most valuable features distinguish it as one of the best B2B lead generation tools, albeit a simple one.

Let’s see what this lead-generation tool has to offer.

– Domain search:  

This tool’s primary function is to display the email addresses associated with a specific website. For example,  enter a domain address, and Hunter will return a list of all contacts linked with that domain. It’s similar to the email finder, which we’ll discuss further in our Hunter review. 

Domain search can also use the domain search to add email addresses to your lead generation database or export them as a CSV file. The department will organize contacts if the organization is large enough. 

The Gmail Hunter integration allows you to email your leads in bulk. 

– Email Analytics 

Email feature sends bulk emails personalized with tokens,  calls-to-action, links, and images. It also includes reporting tools that allow you to track metrics such as bounce rate, unsubscribes, open rate, and click-through rate over time. In addition, the email feature includes simple operations and a drag-and-drop design process that allows you to create an email campaign without having to code.

Access to comprehensive email analytics and individual email response is a critical feature of Hub Spot’s email marketing capability because it allows you to track your audience’s engagement with your email, see an overview of your email performance in terms of exciting topics engaged by users, and prospects, the time and days that receive the most engagements, and see which workflow an email is a part. 

– Email Verifier:  

Bounce rates that are too high can be detrimental to your email campaign’s success. Thankfully, this Hunter lead generation assistant is here to help you avoid bounced emails and improve your lead generation efforts. 

This is by far the most user-friendly Hunter feature that users have praised for its ease of use.  

For example, to check if an email address is valid, simply enter it and click the verify button. 

– Campaign:  

Hunter.io can be used for email marketing campaigns.  You can start creating simple but effective Hunter campaigns with just a few clicks. 

All you have to do now is write an email subject, body text,  and follow-up, then choose your recipients. 

You’ll still need autoresponder software if you want to create more advanced campaigns, but this is an excellent place to start.


Skrapp.io is an email finder that specializes in B2B sales and email marketing. It enables email marketers to create relevant B2B email lists. In addition, it aids in customer acquisition. 

Skrapp is a Google Chrome extension and web app that assists in creating targeted lead lists based on LinkedIn searches and profiles. It is also beneficial to locate all prospect’s emails and save them in lists. 

Skrapp’s email finder is one of the key features that aid in discovering an email address, the name of the company or website, and the name of the target lead. Its bulk email finder aids in extracting emails in bulk from existing databases and sheets. Skrapp’s Chrome extension integrates with LinkedIn intelligently and provides verified leads’ email addresses in milliseconds. 

– Email finder 

This Email Finder Tool is a quick and easy way to obtain many email addresses by using the website’s search bar or searching directly from a LinkedIn profile page. You can look up people by name, company name, website, or even job title. 

– Chrome Extension

Skrapp.io’s free Chrome Extension allows you to get up and sprint. In addition, the chrome extension can use the wing with the Skrapp.io app for mobile outreach. – Domain Search 

This helpful feature allows you to search the domain or company name to find the email addresses for the most influential staff members within the organization –  allowing you to quickly and efficiently get to the heart of the business. 

– Bulk Email Finder 

The Bulk Email Finder feature allows you to pull bulk email addresses from your existing databases and sheets and import them via CSV or TXT for verification.

Lead Feeder 

Lead feeder shows you which businesses visit your website even if they never fill out a form or contact you. 

Lead feeder Discover is also used to find contact information for employees at the company. Enables you to contact visitors who have never inquired about your product or to time your outreach to potential leads in your sales pipeline. 

The lead feeder is a web application that enhances your business intelligence by combining sales and marketing data. Now we will look at the main features of the Lead  feeder,

– Connect with google analytics 

The lead feeder is a Google Analytics Top Rated application that provides a great way to generate free sales opportunities. Simply go to Google Analytics for your business to get started. 

– 30 days free Leads 

Lead feeder collects historical data going back 30 days so you can get detailed information right away. This is one of the advantages of using Google Analytics to generate leads. As a result, a wealth of information is available to you. 

– LinkedIn connection 

The lead feeder informs you of who is connected to a  visiting company so that you can initiate contact with them. 

– Powerful search 

Search for a company in the Lead feeder and review your entire browsing history to get a complete picture of what interests you. 

– Mail Chimp Integration 

After sending an email, you can observe what the recipients do on your website and then speak with them about this behavioral intelligence. 


The lead generation tools mentioned above will assist you in populating your list with verified leads. As a result, conversions will grow swiftly, and sales will follow suit.  These lead automation tools serve as a link between marketing communication and salesforce efficiency. With these tried-and-true tools, you can expand your lead list in effortless yet cost-effective ways and without any hassles.

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