8 Steps to generate qualified sales leads using LinkedIn.

Generate sales leads using LinkedIn: The LinkedIn platform is made up of professionals with purchasing power. Over 723 million professionals use LinkedIn to advance their careers and businesses. Unlike other social media like Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, etc., LinkedIn is a professional networking site.  

It is all about forming strategic alliances. As a result, the quantity of connections is less important than the quality of connections. Once you reach 500 connections, LinkedIn stops showing you an actual number of connections because it is all about quality, not quantity. LinkedIn is designed to help people make their business connections, share their experiences, etc.  

LinkedIn is very similar to social networking services like Facebook,  despite its professional focus. It just works on the ideas of connecting with friends or connections, posting updates, sharing, enjoying the content, and instant messaging other users. LinkedIn is a tool that can be used to improve your professional networking and job search activities.  

Many people use this network to expand their contacts and find career opportunities, and the LinkedIn jobs section is an effective tool for finding and applying for jobs. LinkedIn has settings that allow you to notify recruiters that you are actively job searching.  

Some people use the LinkedIn network to boost their professional reputation by posting and commenting on other people’s posts in the news feed.  

LinkedIn Lead Generation 

You’ve probably heard of some of the major social media platforms that can be used to generate leads.  As a marketer, LinkedIn lead generation is one of the top strategies of generating qualified leads; you should have heard about the importance of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and if you use all these three social media sites as part of your lead generation strategy, you might think you are good too.  

Although, if you are not using LinkedIn, you could be passing up a huge opportunity to increase both brand recognition and revenue, mainly if you are a B2B company. According to studies, LinkedIn is the top paid and organic social media for B2B business, with about more than 82%  of B2B marketers reporting the most success on the platform.  

These figures make sense, especially when platform-specific demographics are taken into account. For example, the average  Facebook user scrolls through their feed, make friends, uploads photos and watches their friend’s activities, and uses the platform to find and purchase products on some occasions.  

In contrast, the average LinkedIn user is looking for professionally oriented content. They are already looking for information to help them grow their businesses, so meet them where they are.  

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Now we’ll look at how we can use LinkedIn to generate leads.

Optimize your profile for sales leads using LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn to connect with people you don’t know; your profile should be optimized. What are you going to look for if you have never met someone and they try to connect with you on LinkedIn? They will be turned off and unlikely to accept your invitation if they see an unprofessional selfie-and simple word describing what they do.  

They will want to know more if they see a professional, high-qualified image of a beautiful business person and fascinating biography. This means that optimizing your profile is a piece of cake.

Create your own group  

Creating your own LinkedIn group is an effective way to generate leads and establish your authority in your industry. And posting in LinkedIn groups is one way to get more eyes on your posts without paying for the privilege. In addition, these themed groups can join based on their professional interests, as the name implies.  

If you share relevant, valuable content in these groups, you will have a  captive audience eager to hear what you have to say.  

Create potential customers list  

Now you have established your group and have some content flowing in; it’s time to start bringing in leads. Your goal should be to compile a  list of 600 to 1200 potential leads.LinkedIn has over a 500million users  around the globe; this means if you have time to reach out to them,  

you could easily generate tens of thousands of potential leads.  

To find the best potential leads for your company, use the filter on  Linked in’s built-in search.  

Monitor your profile views to get sales leads using LinkedIn 

Every profile view is a possible lead; if someone views your people, he could be a potential lead; it’s a possible lead who contacted you,  indicating that they’re likely much further along the buyer’s journey.  

There is still time to atone for your wrongdoing. Simply go to the profile dashboard and click the “who viewed your profile” link, then scroll through the names with your prospecting hat on. Some will be interested in working for you, while others will try to sell you something.  Others, on the other hand, may be interested in your product.  

Sales Navigator  

Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn premium feature that helps businesses generate leads by making it simple to find their target audience in just a few clicks. Sales navigator is regarded as the best version of LinkedIn 

for anyone interested in sales prospecting, owing to the numerous features designed specifically for this purpose.  

Sales navigator is available in three versions (professional, team,  enterprise); LinkedIn provides a 30-day free trial to help you decide whether the tool is worth investing in or not.  

Use Free Search to get sales leads using LinkedIn

Sales Navigator is fantastic, but it’s easy to overlook the fact that you can already use Linked in’s, a comprehensive search tool for free; it enables you to conduct a keyword-based search based on a variety of criteria, likes of (people, companies, groups, jobs), etc.  

Build a Relationship  

The first step in moving your leads down the sales funnel is to start a  conversation. After sending a custom connection request, send an email message compelling them to respond.  

There is no magic formula to come up with the perfect conversation starter, but personalization can help.  

Try to focus on something you two have in common; building a good relationship can be a game-changer.  

LinkedIn leads generation works best for B2B salespeople who want to connect with other business professionals; you can generate leads on  LinkedIn using free and paid strategies.  

The free ones are primarily for salespeople and include strategies for building relationships with ideal leads on the platform and warming them up enough to agree to a meeting. This is a free method for generating these leads.

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