B2B Video Marketing: your guide to getting started

Video marketing is a powerful tool in the B2B space. Video is expected to account for 82% of online traffic in 2022, so no business can afford to ignore this content medium any longer. But video is already a popular medium in marketing, with 86% of marketers using video as a marketing tool and being cited as the preferred type of content people like to see from brands on social media. 

Some B2B brands may think their industry isn’t “cool” enough to warrant video content, but that’s just not the case! Videos can be leveraged in many ways to help connect your brand to your audience, build trust, and increase sales. This guide will tell you the importance of video marketing and video production tips. You’ll also find plenty of resources linked to previous blog posts about B2B videos.

What is B2B Video Marketing? 

In B2B video marketing, things can get a little tricky. It is possible to target multiple decision-makers rather than targeting a single person. This act of juggling can be challenging between decision-makers and product users. It’s not always the same people who make product or service decisions, so you’ll have to convince more than one person that your product or service is suitable for their business along the way.

 Manufacturers or B2B buyers buy products for their internal use. In this case, it is essential to reconcile troubleshooting and product quality. It’s not uncommon for B2B videos to be longer than B2C ones, as enterprise products are usually more complex.

Why should your B2B company invest in video marketing? 

Video content marketing is incredibly versatile. Videos are no longer considered a training or internal business communication tool; they are a vital tool for the profits of any business. Video is one of the best ways to build trust and impress customers in B2B marketing. Use video marketing to engage your target audience on social media, educate potential customers, or share customer testimonials

This can help simplify their decision-making. B2B video marketing is not just about generating brand awareness; it’s essential to increase conversions and build credibility. B2B videos demonstrate your experience in a specific area or topic.

B2B video marketing tips. 

Any brand can start with a video. You don’t need a ridiculous budget, expensive equipment, or crazy special effects to create exciting video content. You just need clear direction and a push to get there. The right tools can certainly help you. Luckily, there are plenty for every budget. As a beginner, you need to understand the basics of video before you begin filming. Here’s what you need to consider when implementing video. Marketing:

Create a posting schedule. 

You need to think long-term about your video content, rather than just posting random stuff. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule will keep your audience coming back for more videos, and implementing new campaigns will keep them busy. 

Choose your video type. 


You can take many viewpoints with B2B videos, and you’ll probably want to focus on a few to get started. There are tutorials, testimonials, demos, case studies, teasers, company news, interviews, blog posts, recaps, behind the scenes, etc. Your choice will depend on the goals you want to achieve with the video. If you’re going to help your audience better understand what you do, a product/service demo can be a great video to start with.

Telling stories creatively. 

The most excellent videos and ads are the ones that tell a story,  not the ones that upsell. If you want your video to engage with your audience, it needs to connect with them. Tell your story from start to finish. Strengthen that connection through emotional storytelling. 

Start with a big hook B2B Video Marketing. 

With so much video content available, those first few seconds are crucial. It would help if you gave instant clarity to your video and why the viewer is worth watching. You would be better off with an attention-grabbing hook that immediately draws them in, so they look to the end. 

Include CTA. 

As with any content, you need a clear call to action, so your audience knows what to do next. It doesn’t mean that it should always have to be a sale. It can include anything from following your page on social media to sharing the video with friends or colleagues, leaving a comment, or encouraging viewers to interact with other content.

Benefits of B2B video marketing. 

Video marketing has countless benefits, but let’s look at three ways video content benefits your business. 

Video improves search rankings. 

You may have noticed that Google frequently displays video results as the top results during searches. For example, searching for “video marketing” on Google produces second video results on the first page. You’re missing out on free exposure if you don’t post videos. Be sure to follow SEO best practices when you upload your videos.

Video improves demand generation. 

Video is a helpful tool for engagement and to help you with your lead generation efforts. Animoto’s latest annual survey shows that 93% of businesses gained a new customer through a social media video. Additionally, adding a video to your website’s homepage, landing pages, or product pages increases your visitors’ average time on a page.

Videos are quite popular with search engines.

Video is one type of material that search engines hunt for since it engages visitors. The use of video marketing boosts page views and engagement.

Video Adds Credibility. 

With video marketing, brands can present their personalities to viewers, which builds trust. Consumers ranked video as the number one form of content when shopping online.

Video Increases Social Sharing. 

The fact is, we live in the age of viral video. Data shows that over 92% of mobile video users share videos with friends. When it comes to video marketing, using humorous or educational videos can encourage sharing and build trust.

Retention is increased by B2B Video Marketing. 

Brands can increase engagement and awareness with video content marketing. Although viewers quickly scan the text of a message, video marketing is more likely to stick in their minds.

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