How is different from other lead generation companies? is a B2B decentralized lead generation network based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology enables security and privacy to the leads which are generated in real-time, Leads are fuel to any business, But nearly all the businesses face the same issue: a lack of affordable and fresh leads. Although the average conversion rate across all formats is 27%, these low conversion rates result in very low satisfaction, according to Hub spot. Only 22% of businesses are currently satisfied with their conversion rates.  

Leads have an extremely low conversion rate because leads from such lists are completely cold, having shown no interest; this means that over 95 percent of the money spent by businesses on acquiring new leads is wasted. solves this problem by providing a decentralized network through which businesses can purchase fresh leads. Businesses will also have a higher conversion rate because we provide fresh, quality leads in real-time.  

We will look at what makes different from other lead generation platforms.  

Clients who buy leads from traditional lead generation services have no way of knowing when the data was generated. For example, it could be outdated data collected several years ago.  

The architecture focuses on onboarding leads into the ecosystem and structuring a buyer and seller transaction. uses  blockchain technology and ensures not to approve selling the same 

lead to different people and that all leads onboard to the same ecosystem.  

The idea of decentralization lies at the heart of What decentralization brings to makes it different from other lead generation companies.  

– Blockchain technology use in is a valuable tool for all lead generation with the most accurate data for any business, thanks to blockchain technology as a  decentralized platform. The benefit of blockchain technology is that it ensures the fidelity and security of a data record while also generating trust. The benefits of blockchain technology as a decentralized  platform are as under: Privacy and Security: 

Because of its encryption, blockchain is thought to be highly secure. In addition, the system has been specifically designed to be both secure and convenient.  

The use of blockchain technology provides advanced security. Leads will remain in the original business’s ownership until a transaction is completed. This security will be critical because people will be bringing their valuable assets into the network and will want to know that their leads are safe until the sale is completed.  

All leads will contain personal identification information, and our network will ensure that this information is protected and that the privacy of each lead is respected.  

– Real-time Fresh data:  

The traditional agencies sold the same data to multiple clients. The  data accuracy & uniqueness is lost, which creates difficulty, where a B2B  company buying the leads is 

unaware of related information, is a valuable tool for lead generation with the most accurate data for any type of business, thanks to its use of blockchain technology as a decentralized platform.  


Transparency is a significant issue in today’s industry. As a result,  organizations have attempted to implement more rules and regulations to improve transparency. However, centralization is one element that precludes any system from being entirely transparent.  

A company can use blockchain to establish a truly decentralized network that eliminates a centralized authority while boosting the system’s transparency.  

The traditional lead generation method lacks transparency through Clients can witness the entire process transparently.  

– Trust: 

Trust is built on businesses knowing who they are purchasing leads from and that the network will necessitate businesses.  

Any business can purchase fresh/quality leads from us using blockchain technology, which provides trust since they own fresh leads representing actual value.  

– Data Accuracy in

As a standard lead generation service, clients who buy leads cannot tell how old the data is, it may be such overdated data collected several years ago. Data accuracy makes an irreplaceable tool for lead generation with the most accurate data with 90 to 95% of data accuracy for any type of business.  

– Data ownership:  

Almost all lead generation platforms are currently centralized. However, is a decentralized network, a blockchain-based platform, and blockchain technology provides advanced security. Lead details will be 

encrypted, ensuring that only people who purchased leads will receive lead informal. Furthermore, after sending the data to the right owner,  the data will completely vanish so that it cannot be used again.  

– Cost-effective:  

It isn’t easy to imagine a profitable business without the automation of work processes. However, will cost less than other centralized lead generation companies with a decentralized network.  

Tracking leads:  

Clients on will actively monitor where leads are in the sales funnel and take the necessary actions to move the lead to the next stage and close the sale.  

– One Tool to Manage everything: 

The will be providing free CRM to its clients, where they can receive and store their data. In addition, the CRM integration will allow for the quick and seamless import of leads into the dashboard, which will significantly speed up the process for sellers because they will already have the majority of the necessary information in their CRM.  

Our Mission:  

We see our mission as changing from outdated data lead generation methods to new lead generation methods that reflect the realities of modern business; we seek to provide much-needed and highly demanded high-quality leads with constantly updated information.  

At, we develop decentralized lead generation technology based on blockchain technology. is designed to meet the needs of various clients; any B2B company can use this platform to purchase fresh and secure leads.  

Our aim and focus are always to implement new lead generation methods by combining automation with lead generation to make the entire process secure, convenient, cost-effective, and efficient for our 

clients. Furthermore, we challenge team members to constantly enhance new skills to always be ahead in this competitive field.

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