How to save cost by outsourcing your lead generation process?

Bringing in an external lead-generating organization to assist with driving leads into your sales force is known as lead generation outsourcing. This is accomplished by completing various lead generation activities for your firms, such as cold calling products or service advertising for your firm.  

In some ways, every firm will generate demand for their product or service internally, properly developed marketing strategy, on the other hand, employs a variety of inbound and outbound channels and approaches to generate more leads and make demand creation more resilient to changes and events beyond a company’s control.  

B2B organizations would frequently examine whether their present personnel has the ability and expertise to do the task before outsourcing lead generation. Most businesses will choose in-house lead generation if they have full-time staff dedicated to producing leads. When a company’s primary leads come through inbound marketing tactics, these lead generations are also desired.  

The B2B lead generation company will be more  likely to outsource lead generation if:  

  • Internally, it lacks the resources to build a full-fledged lead generation operation. 
  • You want or need to concentrate on setting up appointments often through cold callings or email prospecting in B2B lead generation;  outbound marketing methods such as appointments and cold calling produce the majority of leads.
  • They already have a robust lead qualification process in place, but they need to establish one for lead generation that involves all parties.  
  • You want to use new channels to enhance your internal marketing efforts. 
  • You don’t have funds to acquire and train additional employees or establish internal marketing teams. 
  • You want to launch a new service or product into the market. For the last two, sales lead generation outsourcing is ideal since it can deliver a speedy go-to-market plan that would otherwise take internal teams much longer to achieve.  

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Benefits of outsourcing lead generation 

Increase capacity using outsourcing your lead generation

Bringing in a lead generation team from outside can feel like turning on a stream; in a relatively short period, you have a completely new source of leads flooding into your sales staff.  

It takes a long time to build internal terms and create and deploy new channel strategies, and you might not have enough time.  

Concentrate on selling  

Every week, salespeople spend the equivalent of an entire day sending emails. Still, prospecting is the most challenging aspect of their work,  and it implies that the average salesperson only sells for a third of their day.  

All of this adds up a simple fact: salespeople aren’t concentrating on what they are best at, so selling teams may optimize their sales pipeline and sell more by outsourcing lead generation.  

Trying out new channels. 

Outsourcing lead generation might also mean outsourcing risk. A  frequent strategy is to test the channel’s viability before bringing it 

in-house. Then, just make sure you have the right people in place to ensure a smooth transition.  

Lower your costs  

Working with a sales-focused organization has several advantages; they not only have hiring procedures in place to hire the most exemplary staff for the job, but they also make a living by hiring and training salespeople.  

While you need to build a new hiring and training program, working with a company that already has these processes in place will save you money. In addition, your cost per acquisition can often be lower when your leads come from a professional firm that has perfected its lead generation process.  

Expand your Horizon  

You can open markets or push new services without distracting your sales team from main revenue generation activities because your sales team can save time without banging their heads for lead generation. It will generate additional revenue for your company in addition to your regular income.  

You Can Better Evaluate Your Results by outsourcing your lead generation

When you use outsourced sales specialists, you collaborate with a  company specializing in these sales.  

It can help you find salespeople and develop best practices and metrics for evaluating your results.  

While you’ll still need to consider what your team considers satisfactory,  you’ll be working with a capable sales team that can help you develop metrics and evaluate the campaign’s success. That is exactly what we do at Internal Results, which is why we work with some of the best companies in the world.  

Get real-time data 

Improve your existing market data by adding new contact information and updating dispositions. For example, startups that have been in business for a while may believe they have contacted every potential client multiple times and followed up with old contacts numerous times, so there is always a need to shuffle and add some new connections. On the other hand, lead generation companies always keep their data up to date in real-time. As a result, you can use their data to achieve the best results.  

Save time  

Outsourcing lead generation can save you a lot of time, is cold calling and being rejected 95 times out of 100 taking a toll on your mental health?  

And how about spending an afternoon now and then looking for email addresses, contact information, and deciding what to write and when?  

Not to mention the need to create specialized spreadsheets for contacts, scouring social networks, writing personal notes, and so on.  

All of this adds up to a lot of time that could have been spent on something more substantial, such as developing a better product/ service or taking some time off and going away for the weekend.  

The advantages of outsourcing lead generation can be substantial.  Outsourcing can help you save time prospecting, identifying the most qualified leads, and arranging meetings between those leads and your rock-star salespeople. In addition, your outsourced lead generation and internal sales teams can collaborate to reduce ramp time and achieve a reasonable lead efficiency, making your growth objectives more attainable.  

Whether you choose B2B lead generation Outsourcing, an in-house team or a combination of the two, the most common mistake is overestimating benefits and underestimating costs. Lead generation necessitates time, effort, and patience. 

Remember that you can’t go wrong with first-rate resources and a solid set of guidelines when it comes to outsourcing considerations.  Consider the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing to strike a balance between keeping what you do well in-house and outsourcing secondary priorities that a provider can do better.  


Every business is unique. Outsourced lead generation is only effective if you have thoroughly considered your options. It will not work unless you analyze your current capabilities and set a realistic goal.  

Don’t expect to outsource or bring everything in-house to be a quick fix Whatever sales issues you were dealing with last quarter are likely to persist. 

Refining your sales department is a continuous process that will require evaluation as your company and product grow and evolve with your customer base.

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