How to use CRM?

Let me start by giving you a quick rundown of CRM. is a B2B decentralized lead generation network based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology enables security and privacy to the leads generated in real-time. In addition, will be providing free CRM to its clients, where you will be able to receive and store their data. The CRM integration will allow for the quick and seamless import of leads into the Dashboard, Because you will already have the majority of the necessary information in their CRM, this will significantly speed up the process for sellers. Dashboard will allow sellers to import leads quickly and seamlessly, significantly speeding up the process because they will already have the majority of the necessary information. 

We’ll now go over how to use our CRM. CRM

To access the CRM, you must first register to the Then, you have to click on the Signup option to create your new account to register. In addition, you will need to provide the following information in the ”New Account’Account’ section in the registration step. 

  • Your first and last name. 
  • Your registered email address. 
  • Your company name. 

And you have to set and confirm the password, and the minimum length of the password should be eight characters.

After you’ve filled out the required information, click Submit team request. 

You have to wait until our funnel manager confirms your request. 

And when the funnel manager confirms your request, you will be able to Login into the CRM. 

To Login CRM

You have to enter your Email and Password, then click on the Login Option. After logging into the CRM, you will have a complete dashboard overview. 

Now we will look at how to use our Dashboard.


After LoginLogin into the Dashboard of, you can change the mode from dark to light view with just one click, and you will be able to see the status of the leads, with percentage. 

  • How many leads were received today? 
  • How many leads were received yesterday? 
  • How many leads were received this month? 
  • How many leads have been received to Date? 

This is the section where you will get a graphical view of numbers. This makes it easy for you to evaluate our performance and progress. 

After the Dashboard now, we will look at how the leads feature works.

Leads using CRM

You can track and receive end-to-end encrypted fresh leads in real-time in the leads option. You can Search the leads and can Sort leads as per Date. In addition, there will be an option of Download, where you will download the leads. You can either download all leads or if you wish, you can Download any particular lead also. In the leads option, we will provide the following fields. 

Next, we have Invoice. 


In the Invoice option, there will be the following information. 

After receiving the leads, you can come down to the option of the Invoice where you will be able to see the status of the leads you have received, you can view, pay and download the Invoice, and you will also be able to see the status whether you have paid or not. You can also search the Invoice, 

In the Invoice option, there will be the following information. 

  • Date (when the Invoice was created) 
  • Number (Number of the Invoice) 
  • Total (Payable amount how much client has to pay) 
  • Due Date (when the client has to pay the amount) 
  • Created by (who has created that Invoice) 
  • Status (whether it is paid or not)
  • Action (you will be able to view the Invoice) 

Next, we have Supported. 


A support ticket will document interactions between a client and a customer support team or project manager. For example, a ticket will be created and shared between the customer and the support representative when a client submits a query. 

The Status and Subject of your query, as well as the date the ticket was created, can be viewed by clicking on the Support tab. You can also view the Actions taken by the project manager in response to your query. If the list of queries is lengthy, you can quickly locate the required ticket using the search tab. 

By clicking on the serial number, you can also sort the queries from oldest to newest or vice versa. 

By clicking on create a ticket, you can create a new ticket in which you must mention the subject of your query and then explain the issue in the description. After writing your description, click the Submit button to send it to our project manager. Our project manager will respond to your inquiry ASAP and assist you in effectively resolving the issue. 

The ticket will record their communication in a thread that each party can reference. You can explain the entire issue at first, then add more details as the case progresses. Your concerns will be addressed by our project managers in future service releases. 

Next, we have Chat 


We also provide chat support to our clients, allowing them to communicate directly with the project manager to resolve concerns. Our chat support will enable you to have a real-time conversation with our project manager and receive great online assistance for those who require immediate Support. 

Finally, we have Settings 


The settings tab serves as a profile update tool, allowing you to change your profile name, email, zip code, phone number, country, and other information listed on this page. You can also use the settings page to change your password. If you don’t want to change your password, leave the password field empty. After filling in the relevant information, click Update, and your changes will be reflected in your account profile.

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