Lead generation Funnel & our  4-step funnel Process

A lead generation funnel is a process to generate leads, you reach your target audience and guide them to the top of the funnel from there,  you draw them down, this is the process of funneling your target audience through various stages until they decide to make a purchase,  the lead generation funnel was created to help marketers visualize and find different ways to influence the customer’s journey from the moment they share their information until they receive your services.  

Despite these differences, all clients follow specific stages that lead up to the transaction’s end goal. Finding leads is the most difficult challenge for any B2B company, and leads are their lifeblood. The question is how B2B companies generate leads? The answer is building a lead generation funnel; building your first lead generation funnel can be intimidating to any newbie, but optimizing the first funnel does have to be scary or require the skills of a marketing professional. It’s all about having a good arsenal. The lead generation funnel has three main stages.

Stages of a lead generation funnel

The lead generation funnel has three stages, and each stage has a  key role. “

Top of the Funnel

The top of the funnel is about creating awareness; this is the first time your visitors see your site; your primary concern is establishing trust,  providing timely and relevant information that will help you establish yourself as a trustworthy and authoritative figure. 

The content you should share at this stage includes blogs, videos, and podcasts; at this stage, the clients are looking for a solution; it should always be a priority to present an answer to those questions and posit a  solution; at this stage, the clients are looking for a solution.

According to Adweek, more than 80% of buyers conduct internet research before making a purchase, so all you have to do now is make sure you’re their go-to source of information. To make certain TOFU  content is relevant for your buyer, use keyword planning to come up with topics and keywords. This is their first opportunity to track you down. Here are some suggestions for TOFU content types:

– Use Social Media for Lead Generation Funnel

Target which channels your customers use and direct your efforts accordingly, organize your posts around hashtags or groups on platforms that your buyer personas are likely to utilize.

Keep in mind that social media posts aren’t one-size-fits-all, and each network has its own set of sharing and curation criteria.

– Overview blog 

Create an overview blog post about a particular problem. Help your buyer comprehend the problem and what they can do about it by using high-search-volume keywords and SEO to drive traffic and easy-to-scan information.

– Short Video to build Lead Generation Funnel

Create a brief (less than a minute) video to assist your persona. The video can be general in nature and target a specific topic rather than a  particular issue. This can be handy for Instagram, YouTube, and other video-friendly services. 

– Quiz or survey

To learn more about your buyer and to help them comprehend a topic,  problem, or community, ask a series of brief questions.

– Infographic

Give clients a high-level overview of a subject, problem, or topic, ideally with easy-to-understand facts about other people who are concerned about the same thing. 

– Middle of the Funnel

Many people believe (MOFU) to be the most crucial step of the funnel because you now have a large number of interesting leads to qualify. In addition, people have accepted that they have a specific problem to tackle and are actively looking for a solution at this level of consideration/evaluation, indicating that you have a targeted audience.  They’re looking into many options and weighing the pros and cons of each.  You can now add your own product or service to the conversation.

 MOFU content should continue educating and emphasizing why you are the most excellent choice. Take advantage of the chance to explain how your product or service can benefit them. This stage could also be a perfect time to introduce gated content. 

To make Mofu content, you’ll need the following:  

• You already have a small relationship with your consumer (I.e.,  social media follower, previous website visitor, newsletter sign-up)  

• A platform for instructional content creation (blog on your  website, a blogging platform, video blog, etc.)  

• Move to the next stage using a call-to-action (CTA). Here are some  suggestions for TOFU content types:  

– Blog: Provide an answer to a specific inquiry about your product or service. 

– Email: – Create a series of nurturing emails that provide material tailored to the buyer. 

– Case Study: – Demonstrate the benefits your product or service has offered to another company to help buyers see it in action.  

– Guide: – Provide detailed directions for resolving a problem – Comparison: – At this stage, compare solutions rather than providers.  

– Template: -Allow buyers to see how your product or service can solve their problems for themselves.  


BOFU is a decision stage. You’ve narrowed down your target market to a select group of qualified leads who are ready to buy. They have done their homework and are interested in your product or services, but they’re also considering a few other possibilities. The excellent offer can be just what they need to change their minds in your favor.  

BOFU material should highlight your product by explaining how it works, highlighting features, and highlighting unique benefits to clients.  Now is the opportunity to demonstrate how your product or service addresses their problem and outperforms the competition. Here are  some suggestions for BOFU content types:  

– Product demo: – Allow customers to witness how your product works in action. They showcase features, tie them to advantages, and illustrate how you surpass the competition, whether on-site or in a  video.  

– Free trial: -Unless you attempt it, you’ll never know, allow customers to try out your product without making a significant investment.  

– Comparison: – By clearly stating the distinctions between you and your competition, you may help buyers realize where your product or service excels.  

– Case studies: – In this final step, customer tales are beneficial because they are content that converts and gives third-party validation of your service. 

Our 4-step Lead generation Funnel creation process

Various business owners are constantly looking to expand their customer base to grow their business. Driving business growth can be time-consuming and challenging, and having a steady stream of sales leads is the most critical aspect of starting a business.

Funel.io drives growth and development to your business by creating your sales funnel more effectively. We get up each morning, drink coffee, and drive our clients’  game-changing results every day.

Draft a strategy

Once you sign up with us, we will deploy a dedicated funnel manager on your project to assist you with target market filtration and strategy development. Our funnel manager will call you via zoom and explain  the whole process

Decentralized lead generation

We are a decentralized lead generation network. The idea of decentralization lies in the heart of funel.io, a blockchain-based platform. Blockchain technology makes use of the decentralized network, funel.io ensures your privacy security and generates unused leads in real-time.

The following step is to begin the lead generation process, and our funnel manager will give you complete guidance to use our app.

In addition, we will help you throughout the entire process.

Tracking Leads 

Well, sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee while our team generates marketing qualified leads for your business, in funel.io clients, can actively monitor where leads are in the sales and marketing funnel and pursue the necessary actions to move the lead to the next stage and close the sale, we will make sure that your sales funnel is filled with quality leads and ultimately deliver a superior result for your business, you will be able to view and download leads through our web application or mobile app.  


What are our perspectives on innovation? The thought of innovation is really quite simple: we firmly believe knowledge drives innovation,  innovation drives productivity, and productivity drives economic growth”. Innovation takes birth in synchronization with the evolution of customers’ expectations and demands or the other way round.  

We as an organization continuously innovate ourselves and keep up with the people’s wants. Our aim and focus are always to implement new lead generation methods by combining automation with lead generation to make the entire process secure, convenient, cost-effective, and efficient for our clients. Furthermore, we challenge our team members to constantly enhance new skills to always be ahead in this competitive domain. 

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