Funel Decentralised appointment setting tool to make your sales process Easy

Are you using out-of-date platforms that no longer keep a track of your daily efforts? We introduce to you tool, the next generation appointment-setting platform that makes your work easier. You will have your information handy every time you log in. We transform the appointment-setting industry by integrating AI with blockchain technology.

We’ll give you a complete overview of our web application. Let’s get started !

To access, you’ll have to fill in the required information to create a new account or if you already have one, please click on the log in button.

Let’s get inside and see how works. Let me enter by using email and password. We log in and access our account. We can change the theme from light to dark in one click and have a wow experience.

This is the setting tab to change panel settings. This is the view icon to give you the full view experience of your appointments.

This is the funel ‘Dashboard’ where you’ll find the visuals of your progress that you made today, yesterday and on monthly basis.

  • Here you’ll see the number of messages sent.
  • Here you’ll see the number of emails sent.
  • Here you’ll see the number of cold calls made.
  • Here you’ll see the number of responses received.
  • Here you’ll see the total outreach.
  • Here you’ll see the number of appointments generated.

This is the section where you’ll get a graphical view of your numbers. This makes it easy for you to evaluate your performance and progress.
Now let’s go to our main module, the ‘Appointment Tab’. Here you can see the complete overview of your appointments. All the fields will be customised according to your requirements and here you can select your clients and download the CSV files. Clients are updated in realtime and we use end-to-end encryption algorithms to give you complete data ownership. Here you can sort clients by date, name, email or address. This is the ‘Search Bar’. We can search for a particular client.

Let’s go to ‘Invoices Tab’. Here you can see complete overview of your invoices like creation date, due date, invoice number and amount. You can click on view icon to view the invoice. Now you can see all details of the invoice. If we scroll down, we see the download option where we can download the invoice in pdf format.

This is the Pay button and if you want to pay this invoice, you can click on here and it will redirect you to payments page where you can make payments and enjoy our services.

Now let’s explain the ‘Support Module’. A Support module will document interactions between a client and our support team. For example, a ticket will be created and shared between the customer and the support representative when a client submits a query.

Now let’s create a Support Ticket. We’ll click on the Support Tab, and now you can see the “Create Ticket button”. We’ll use that to create a support ticket. This is the Subject box where you’ll write the subject of your query and then explain the issue in the description section. For example : ‘My tool is not working’.

Now if you want to view the status of your ticket, with just one click, you’ll get the complete overview of the ticket. Now you have to click on the Support Tab, and now you can see the view option. Once you click here, you’ll get the complete progress of this ticket. You can also reply to this Support Ticket and add your notes.
Click here on the Chat button and you are ready to send your message. In a few minutes, our project manager will be online to help you.

Finally we have account settings. The settings tab serves as a profile update tool, allowing you to change your profile name, email, zip code, phone number, country and other information listed on this page. You can also use the settings page to change your password. Click update and your new changes will be saved.

You can log out of your account by clicking on the Log Out button. With, you’ll have a wonderful experience to keep a track record of your work. So what are  you waiting for? Let’s start your sales journey and unlock your future sales with Funel.

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