Most effective ways to do blockchain marketing, ICO marketing and DeFi marketing

Blockchain is one of the most promising and acclaimed technologies of the 21st century, with the potential to disrupt business models in a wide range of industries such as finance, supply chain management, commerce, health care, real estate, and so on. Blockchain applications, which are based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), offer innovative solutions to a variety of business problems by providing security, the immutability of record keeping, efficiency, and shifting the balance of power within the value chain. Blockchain technology is also being used in advertising and marketing. Blockchain’s decentralised ledger technology improves the transparency of advertising costs and provides deeper insights into audience interactions with ad campaigns. In this blog, we will discuss the most effective ways to do blockchain marketing, ICO marketing and DeFi marketing.

What exactly is a blockchain marketing strategy?

A blockchain marketing strategy isn’t that dissimilar to traditional digital marketing. It also covers a variety of marketing verticals, such as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.
The main distinction is that you are marketing blockchain projects and cryptocurrency businesses. That means you’re aiming for savvy customers who rely on data-driven information.
It makes no difference whether you’re developing a new cryptocurrency or providing blockchain-as-a-service solutions to B2B clients. To make purchasing decisions, potential investors, buyers, and traders will conduct extensive researc. Here are the most effective ways to do blockchain marketing

Influencer Marketing

Brands are heavily investing in celebrities and micro-influencers to reach a larger audience. However, influencer marketing has a bad reputation due to issues such as difficulty tracking ROI, a lack of transparency, and fake followers and engagement. By incorporating smart contracts into the ecosystem, blockchain can effectively solve this problem. Smart contacts will make it easier to get paid after completing specific actions or delivering the desired results. The technology can also be used to validate the influencer’s performance and legitimacy.

Affiliate Marketing

According to Statista, affiliate marketing will cost approximately 6.4 billion USD in the United States alone. Despite such investments, brands face issues such as dealing with questionable affiliates, wasting money on sites that provide no value, and paying exorbitant commissions to affiliate networks. In the following ways, blockchain can reduce money waste and bring order to affiliate marketing:

  • Use cryptocurrencies to make the payment process easier.
  • Payouts are typically held by the affiliate network until the minimum payment threshold is met, whereas blockchain-powered products can operate without such constraints.
  • Smart contracts should be used to ensure accountability and reduce ad fraud. As a result, the use of tracking pixels will become obsolete.

Guest posting on trusted websites

B2B buyers of blockchain startups do not simply scour social media for potential partners.
They read articles on INC, Forbes, and other popular websites during their discovery and research phases.

Improve your content marketing

Make guest posting to those publications your top priority for content marketing. Guest posting is beneficial to search engine optimization in addition to helping you build awareness. To gain traction, blockchain startups require more than just blog posts and social media promotions.
Instead, they should rethink their content strategy and include more high-level, informative pieces. Case studies, white papers, and visual pitch decks are a few examples. It’s also critical to consider how these pieces of content will be distributed to your target audience.
Integrating them into your email marketing strategy is a tried and true method. Instead of publishing industry reports on your website, use them as lead magnets to attract prospective leads. You can also read about How to use CRM?


Hire a blockchain marketing agency.

Do you require a successful marketing strategy? Do you want more visitors to your blockchain startup’s website? A reputable omnichannel marketing agency can assist you in developing a workable strategy.
You can go beyond traditional marketing strategies with Brenton Way’s new, forward-thinking initiatives.NFT advertising, influencer marketing, referral programmes, press releases, and other services are available.

What is an ICO marketing

ICO marketing is the process of promoting an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on behalf of the cryptocurrency company that is hosting the ICO to expand its reach to more potential investors and generate more leads for the sale event.
It’s a way of raising money for a cryptocurrency project. Early investors are given a portion of the cryptocurrency in exchange for bitcoin or legal tender.

How is ICO Marketing different?

To begin with, every industry acts differently when it comes to marketing. Different product categories from the same industry have different outcomes.
This is because the public has distinct mindsets and expectations in certain niches. As a result, your typical all-purpose marketing agency may fail to promote your ICO in the manner that you desire simply because they are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency market.
The market is spread out across the globe and can only be reached through a few points. A large portion of the market supports the community mentality, but the focus is on privacy. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies and ICO marketing are subject to several restrictions, even though governments are enacting regulations. Here are the most effective ways to do ICO marketing

Create a convincing Whitepaper

Your ICO marketing strategy will be incomplete without a detailed whitepaper. It will serve as the first point of contact for potential investors. Create a professional whitepaper that includes the technical outline of your project as well as the benefits provided to investors before launching your ICO in the market. To ensure a successful fundraising campaign, plan the whitepaper template.

Make an interesting website.

Create various sections that provide your customers with a variety of information about your ICO. To increase traffic to your ICO, post content on your website regularly while keeping SEO in mind.

Utilize paid advertising

A faster way to go up the ladder is by using paid advertising tools. Major social media platforms and search engines allow for paid ads after following certain rules and regulations. Publishing SEO related content can boost organic reach

Email marketing

Email can be used to send appealing newsletters and frequent updates on new features in your ICO to interested users. Adding subscriber forms and creating opt-in/sign-up campaigns can help your ICO gain new users.

build public relation

Press releases and news bulletins about your ICO can be sent to prospective investors regularly. A marketer must regularly share informative content. If you have a large budget for your ICO, you can hire a professional agency to help you get more exposure. Conducting an interactive Question and Answer session about your ICO will help to clear any audience doubts and questions.

listing the ICO well-reputed websites

We can use popular listing sites like CoinSchedule and CoinGecko to announce the official launch of an ICO. This can help your ICO get more attention and generate positive buzz around its launch. As a result, there is strong interest in your ICO from key stakeholders. The majority of listing sites offer free post placement.

Create Bounty Programs

Bounty programmes in an ICO involve the distribution of incentives to participants upon successful completion of specific tasks assigned to them in advance. They aid in raising awareness of your ICO. A delicate balance must be struck because giving away too many free tokens can harm your ICO’s image while giving away too few tokens may leave people unmotivated to participate in your promotional campaign.

Focus on the targeted users.

While ICO promotion is necessary, it should not be excessive. As a result, strategic planning would aid in the selection of tailored strategies and their dissemination to various segments of the target market. If the same messages are shared among the masses in the absence of clear thought, there may be a waste of resources. If the target audience is divided into distinct groups, an ICO can achieve higher conversion rates.

Conduct Airdrop Campaigns

Airdrop campaigns involve the distribution of free tokens to registered users of a particular blockchain network. They will become involved in your community. You’ll also need a smart contract that specifies the number of tokens to be sent as well as an array of addresses to which the tokens should be sent. To increase traction for your ICO, list your airdrop campaign on websites such as Airdropalert, Airdropaddict, and Airdroptracker.

Google Adwords

It is a popular digital advertising platform in which Google places your ads near the top of search results. Furthermore, the platform will drive more leads and traffic to your ICO. You can use remarketing to bring back visitors who did not complete the onboarding process.

Marketing Strategy for DeFi

A DeFi project must prove its worth and potential in the DeFi industry. DeFi marketing solutions are the most effective way to make a larger audience aware of any DeFi project. A well-crafted DeFi marketing strategy can assist a project in meeting its objectives in a short amount of time. Some ways for DeFi marketing.

Establish a landing page.

The first step in DeFi marketing is to create a landing page. The landing page includes details about the project as well as information on coin sales. This is where investors start looking at your product. Ascertain that the developed website adheres to important and current design trends. A single-page website, according to studies, can attract a large number of visitors. Having a blog with regular updates will increase visitor rates significantly.

Use social media to your advantage.

Using social media to promote your coin sale directly has some limitations right now. You can also use social media to share information about the project in general. Sharing information about the DeFi project on social media raises your profile and allows others to connect with you more easily.
The importance of updating social media pages is another important aspect of DeFi product marketing. Visitors to the project’s social media page will see relevant information about the project. A social media page that isn’t updated regularly sends the wrong message to the public. Also, be sure to respond to any questions that users may have and provide feedback as needed.

Influencer Marketing

In today’s digital age, this approach is quickly becoming one of the most effective methods for brand recognition. Influencer marketing can be used in any industry and gives you access to a large audience thanks to the influencer’s fan base.
It is critical to find the right person to carry out this strategy. Your decentralised financial marketing process must seek out and locate project-related influencers. The right influencer can help you reach a large audience while also promoting your brand. However, if you choose the wrong influencer, your brand will be associated with them.

Press release

The press release is an important part of the DeFi marketing process. Several cryptocurrency websites and agencies distribute press releases, which can assist you in spreading the word. These sites cater to a specific demographic and will match your project’s target market.

Affiliate marketing

In this DeFi marketing strategy, affiliates earn a commission for promoting someone else’s product or service. The procedure is simple, and it requires customers and their companions to look for the product. This way, you can publicise the development while also profiting from any sales generated by this strategy.
Several E-commerce websites use this method to boost sales or promote their services. This strategy applies to DeFi marketing as well, and it’s a viable way to attract more investors.

Conclusion about blockchain marketing

In today’s digital marketing landscape, these are the trending ways to do blockchain, ICO and Defi marketing These strategies can be combined to achieve the desired results. The effectiveness of these approaches is maximised by a successful marketing strategy.



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