Sound Sells: Why You Need Audio Content To Win Leads in Times Of A Pandemic

Welcome to Today we talk about Sound Sells. During the Covid19 pandemic, it’s been harder to build and start new businesses when you can’t connect with people in person, because there are fewer opportunities to meet clients and customers. You need to focus on ways to reach people creatively and consistently in ways you’re not used to such as audio and video marketing content. The majority of entrepreneurs depend on digital marketing to promote their businesses, but few of them know how to optimize their online platforms. 

Creating a digital marketing strategy such as preparing audio content to meet your business needs during the pandemic can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Let’s look at the article and get a clear idea about using audio content to win leads in this pandemic situation. 

Let’s start.

How to design audio content: Sound Sells? 

Audio is the only way people can interact while doing something else simultaneously. This way, a lot of content can be delivered to target customers if the content is developed with the right strategy and in the proper context. The best part about audio ads is that marketers can make the content so integrated and seamless that the listener doesn’t even feel the interruption of the ad. That’s a golden opportunity! Content audio is one of the most powerful generation tools a marketer can devise.

Four of the most popular platforms for audio content marketing Sound Sells. 

If your business is relatively new to audio content marketing, four basic categories have seen considerable success over the past few years. 

Voice search. 

If your business has the ability to invest in just one area of ​​audio content marketing, make it this one. It has to do with the fact that voice searches are soon going to be prioritized on search engine results pages (SERPs), much like “mobile-first” websites are now enjoying a significant boost in search engine rankings. 

Sometimes referred to as “voice-enabled,” voice search helps potential customers find what you have to offer by making their processing requests through Google Voice Search, Amazon Echo, Siri, Cortana, and a host of other voice-based technologies like ‘artificial intelligence. 

It is essential to optimize your content for voice search since written search strings are different from what people say out loud.


Before jumping into the podcasting craze, the word to keep in mind is episodic. Depending on what you can manage, you can decide to release a new episode once a month or twice a day, but you should commit to regular audio production and release schedule in advance. 

Wait now if you don’t have the resources to commit to a consistent plan. Successful podcasts contain tips, tricks, and interviews, all organized around a topic of common interest. Ideally, any branded podcast will focus on something that falls directly within your company’s area of ​​expertise. 

Audiobooks: Sound Sells. 

Don’t let the word “book” put you off. While audiobooks certainly include works of fiction or nonfiction published in their entirety, the audiobook format is not limited to these. Anything that has been printed or posted online and received enthusiastic attention has the potential to become an audiobook. 

For example, a popular blog might be revamped to offer an audio version of every entry posted. This way, fans are free to listen with headphones instead of being glued to a laptop or forced to watch a smartphone. 

Audio ads. 

It differs from radio ads. The difference is that radio ads are roughly equivalent to a “shotgun” approach – you could hit something – while audio content ads can be seen as a sniper focusing on a specific target. Audio ads may be tailored to target demographics, geographical areas, or pre-filtered groups that are most likely to be interested in what the advertiser has to show. The format of audio ads allows companies to produce advertisements that reach the ears of interested listeners, not just those who are listening.

Why should you use audio content in a time of pandemics?

It generates leads and increases sales. 

Several strategies are available in digital marketing to generate more leads: landing pages, email marketing, social media advertising, etc. Excellent strategy, but they are already becoming commonplace for the public. 

No one else is surprised by the brand new e-book, complete with all the trends from 2000 and something like that. Audio publishing is not just an enabler or a more convenient way to consume content. The resource is technological and strategic and combines your sales goals with lead generation.

It is innovative and easy to apply. 

Your business cannot and should not be left behind in the competitive marketplace. Innovating today does not mean creating hyper-complex resources that require a specific set of skills from those who will apply them. Posting an audio message is as easy as posting a message. It’s a skill that any professional can easily master in minutes. 

If you don’t already know, the only more specific knowledge you will learn is what an embed code is. With this knowledge gained, simply enter the code into the blog post or site page and voila! A player with audio is ready to be heard!

To bring you even closer to your audience. 

Greater engagement is the golden goal of brands on the internet. And the commitment to quality is what truly generates the strongest brand ties. The Adobe Digital Trends report highlights that 79% of consumers want these brands to take care of themselves before considering a purchase. In addition, 84% of organizations that improved the customer experience saw their revenue increase. Since the audio post stems from well-structured, strong, and compelling textual content, adding the audio’s personality to the text’s strength allows you to engage your visitor more.

It makes the content more human. 

As you hear a friend describe their recent vacation trip in which they raced down waterfall rapids, you are influenced to wish you could take a plane to the same location and live this experience. The voice has the power to federate and arouse the desire for certain experiences, whether it is to go on a trip, to buy a service, to buy a product, etc.

The intonation of the voice, the pauses, and the cadence of the speech, all these points are taken into consideration when carrying out a narration. Each brand has its own language and its own tone of communication.

It improves your SEO and Sound Sells. 

Our last but not least reason is SEO. You already know how important it is to optimize your posts so they appear in search engine results. Anyone on the path to SEO should benefit even more from audio messages. Google loves up-to-date content. It is very important to optimize your texts with other multimedia content in order to increase your website’s traffic. 

It is possible for audio posts to “retain” a user for longer on the page, improving the Time on Page metric, which is the second most important component of search engine rankings. And the best part is that it is an investment in organic revenue, something very important for the longevity of your Internet strategy.

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