Why is data ownership important, and how do we store the data?

Data Ownership 

The act of having legal rights and total control over a single element or set of data elements is referred to as data ownership. It defines and provides information about the rightful owner of data assets and the data owners’ acquisition, use, and distribution policies. 

Why is data ownership important? 

Do we really own our data? This is one of the most important questions organizations are beginning to ask themselves today – and the reason goes far beyond data privacy and governance. Leads have become the lifeblood of every business. and just about every other business needs qualified and fresh leads for their businesses 

Clients who purchase leads from a standard lead generation company have no way of knowing how many times this particular data has been shared and how old the data is. Data ownership is significant for the clients so that data only reaches the right owner to that they have a good conversion rate, 

Now we will look at how funel.io stores the data? 

Funel.io is a blockchain-based B2B decentralized lead generation network. Blockchain technology provides security and privacy for real-time lead generation. 

The idea of decentralization lies at the heart of funel.io. Funel.io is a valuable tool for all lead generation with the most accurate data for any type of business, thanks to the use of blockchain technology as a decentralized platform. The benefit of blockchain technology is that it ensures the fidelity and security of a data record while also generating trust. 

Currently, almost all lead generation platforms are centralized. Funel.io, on the other hand, is a decentralized network and a blockchain-based platform, and blockchain technology offers advanced security. Lead details will be encrypted, ensuring that only those who purchased leads will receive them. After delivering the data to the appropriate recipient, 

owner, the data will completely vanish so that it cannot be used again. 

With Blockchain, you will have your keys for your data. You are the only one who has access to it. Consider this to be similar to owning your house keys. You’ll have keys for your data, and only your keys will be able to unlock it. 

The funel.io will be providing free CRM to its clients, where they can receive and store their data. The CRM integration will allow for the quick and seamless import of leads into the

dashboard, which will significantly speed up the process for sellers because they will already have the majority of the necessary information in their CRM. The data which would be stored on the CRM will be highly secured, 

Clients on funel.io will actively monitor where leads are in the sales funnel and take the necessary actions to move the lead to the next stage and close the sale. 

Because of its encryption, blockchain is thought to be highly secure. In addition, the system has been specifically designed to be both secure and convenient. 

Leads will remain in the original business’s ownership until a transaction is completed, thanks to the use of blockchain technology. This security will be critical because people will be bringing valuable assets into the network and want to know that their leads will be safe until the sale is completed. 

All leads will contain personal identification information, and our funel.io network will ensure that this information is protected and that the privacy of each lead is respected.

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