Why is LinkedIn the Top b2b lead generation platform?

Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is the world’s largest social media platform for professionals. And also, it is the best b2b social media channel ever for business advertising solutions and b2b marketers. LinkedIn has 61 million top influencers. For the same generation of millennials, there are over 87 million registered members and beyond. Eleven million of them are decision-makers. 

There is little appetite for trivial or personal sharing on LinkedIn. Instead, you’ll mostly find experts and professionals looking to connect with like-minded business people and other organizations. LinkedIn is a logical entry point for people looking to get more likes, followers, and comments, especially for B2B marketing campaigns with high competition. 

LinkedIn returns to the Top b2b lead generation platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are far behind in engagement and lead generation. Sagefrog’s new report found that 86% of marketers rely on LinkedIn to generate a Quality lead. The report also examines how COVID-19 has hugely impacted marketing spending and shows how companies have made a significant comeback in the market. He found that they had tremendous success over the past year and are a major player in the marketing space.

Why is LinkedIn the Best Place for 2022 B2B Lead Generation? 

Many reasons consider LinkedIn as the Top b2b lead generation platform. We have mentioned them below. Please go through it and get an idea about how LinkedIn works in generating B2B lead generation.

Specific ability to do Business to Business (B2B). 

Although there are hundreds of social media platforms, not all are aimed at the same audience. LinkedIn is the Top b2b lead generation platform because its a corporate and professional social networking site. Go to LinkedIn to see what someone ate for breakfast. LinkedIn is all about business, with 70% of professionals describing it as a trusted source for professional content. Each month, it reaches more elite and corporate followings – the largest and most influential group of individuals in a company than any other news or business website. 

It can be used as a high percentage of decision-makers. 

LinkedIn may have a smaller user base than Facebook, but who exactly are those users? Well, an astonishing 43% of its members hold decision-making positions. There are over a million members in the world, more than half of the working population, which means you can reach millions of decision-makers.

LinkedIn is Bypassing the Gatekeepers 

How often can you chat to whomever you want if you work in development or sales? According to a recent study conducted by the Kenan-Flagler Business School, “cold calling only had a 2.5 percent success rate.” LinkedIn allows you to connect directly and start a conversation with your target prospects. Everything is like other customer accounts on social media. As a LinkedIn user, you can contact decision makers directly, bypassing the gatekeepers and presenting you with an incredible opportunity. 


Search filters help with mass targeting. 

You can perhaps reach potential target customers, but at the end of the day, we all know that sales are a numbers game, which is where LinkedIn search filters come in. Not only do they allow you to target decision-makers by job title, position, industry, company, personnel (available in Sales Navigator), etc., but you can also group them in search results. In this manner, you can identify many of your target prospects and develop a contact list.


The statistics shown on LinkedIn are trustworthy.

We all enjoy good statistics, and several recent studies have highlighted LinkedIn’s ability to increase exposure, engagement, and leads.

Other Benefits of using LinkedIn for lead generation


Decision-makers: Because LinkedIn is the most popular social networking platform among senior-level influencers, decision-makers, and Fortune 500 employees, your target audience is almost certainly already using it.

The place to be if you’re a professional: The typical LinkedIn user may utilize the platform to keep up with what’s going on in their workplace, industry, and network. If your business provides personalized service to their needs, LinkedIn is likely to be the best place to capture their attention and close the deal.

Over half of the 700 million overall users: around 310 million people — use the platform at least once a month. This should provide you with plenty of opportunities to interact with them daily.

B2B audience targeting: The ads on LinkedIn’s advertising platform allow you to be quite specific about the audience you wish to target. Even though some competitors, such as Facebook, allow you to target individuals based on their job title or current company, LinkedIn makes it easier to find the right target audience because it has so many targeting possibilities. This feature also make it Top b2b lead generation platform.

What are The Tools that are useful for generating B2B leads?

LinkedIn provides many platforms for different types of users:

Learning Solutions: This online educational platform offers courses and professional recommendations in subjects and interests that you are interested in. Your personnel can use it to improve their abilities and understanding of the sector. You’ll need a subscription to use LinkedIn Learning, including unlimited library access, tailored, interactive learning, and LinkedIn Premium access. You can try it out for free for a month before committing to a monthly or yearly billing plan.

Talent Insights: This online hiring and talent management software assists firms in making informed workforce decisions, as well as helping recruiters identify the best applicants. It has real-time data, a market, and competitor overview, over 12-billion data points, and on-demand access.

Marketing Solutions: You can use this platform to generate advertising that will appear on LinkedIn. You must first create an Ad account in Campaign Monitor to use this tool. You may design and manage advertising campaigns, check performance data, and track conversions from there.

Sales Navigator: This search tool features highly accurate, personalized filters that assist you in locating suitable prospects. It allows you to refine your search and eliminate the wrong opportunities, allowing you to focus on the target accounts. It also offers a free one-month trial, after which you may choose between two membership options: Sales Navigator Professional or Sales Navigator Team.

LinkedIn Groups: You may use this tool to find, create, view, and join groups on LinkedIn. It’s a no-cost function that doesn’t require a subscription.

ProFinder: This marketplace enables you to find, hire, and manage the best local independent contractors for the services you need. This service is completely free. Only US residents can access this service.

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Our top tips for using LinkedIn to generate genuine leads. 


  • Be careful and respectful in everything you say and do on LinkedIn. It’s about you and your employer’s public online profile. Always seek to add value to everything you do, for example, and publish. Avoid cheap promotional gimmicks, spam, and blatant self-promotion. 
  • Descriptions of blogs and websites. Take the time to customize them for your company blog and specific relevant pages on your site. Be as descriptive as possible. When prospects are looking for experts to help them, you want them to catch you in their filtered searches and see your skills at a glance.
  • The power of LinkedIn Groups is key to developing leads using LinkedIn. If you are a member of the same group as another user, you can skip the need to be a first-degree connection to send messages to them. Additionally, group members can also view the profiles of other members of the same group without being logged in. Take the time to research groups to join where your target buyers are likely to be members (you can be a member of up to 50 groups! Start contributing to conversations, be helpful, answer questions, provide links to resources you have on your site that can help group members (always keep the first point above in mind.) Put your most valuable assets behind a short form on your site to capture LinkedIn visitor details. You now have a new advantage.
  • Connect with people you may know using the People you may know feature. It’s an enjoyable approach to connecting with your colleagues to contacts in a hurry. Whether you think you’d benefit from knowing someone, ask a related person to introduce you, or see if they’re a member of any of the same groups as you.
  • Use LinkedIn Answers as a resource. Look for questions in your field of expertise and devote some time to providing helpful answers. Then you should ask that person to connect with you. If they answer yes, you have a strong chance of getting a lead. Click “Share This” beneath the question when you’re on the question’s page. You can then send a LinkedIn message to the person who asked the question.
  • Make use of the sophisticated search options. The Advanced Search tool on LinkedIn offers a far more comprehensive search experience. Imagine you want to see if you have any connections to somebody who works at a specific company. To determine if you have any first or second-degree links to any employees, type the company name into the company field in Advanced Search, then sort the results by “Relationship.
  • Use the businesses field to find LinkedIn members who work for a specific company. You will receive regular updates by clicking the following icon in the correct upper box. You may also see your first and second-degree contacts, as well as all other employees, on LinkedIn. Find someone you’re looking for again, and see who they’re connected to through people you know or what groups they’re a part of.


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