The Power of Human Touch in Sales

We're like matchmakers, helping you build meaningful relationships with your prospects and setting up the perfect date with them.

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Outdated and old strategies don't work anymore.

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Magic of human touch

The beauty of sales is in its ability to touch lives, solve problems, and create value. AI can learn patterns, predict behaviors, and provide insights, but it's humans who can make sense of those insights, act on them, and take decision and connect on a deeper level.

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Let's plant the sales seed

Imagine us as the gardeners of your business, carefully planting and nurturing the seeds of your sales. We sow the seeds of your sales process and patiently nurture the leads, growing them into a rich forest of connections.

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Let's unlock your sales

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We put our heart into every task, striving to exceed your expectations. Because to us, you're not just another client. You are a valued partner, an integral part of our journey.

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We value your money

We get it, value for money is crucial. The investment you make in your business is a leap of faith, we honor that by working hard and adding value to your business. We ensure every dollar you spend with us maximizes your ROI.

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1. One sales tool for all

The in-app management feature of Funel makes it easy for you to track daily outreach progress, and manage appointments scheduled by our employees.

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2. Quality over quantity

We focus on setting up quality appointments, Quality over quantity is our mantra, and our team is dedicated to setting up appointments that have a high potential for conversion.

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3. Drivers of your Business

We are the driving force behind your sales pipelines, accelerating your journey towards your potential prospects . We help you in Bridging the gap between your prospects and your business.

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We'd love to have a digital coffee and discuss your sales plans.


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Lack of insights

Track our outreach

The real-time dashboard allows you to track daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Funel's real-time dashboard offers daily progress updates at your fingertips.

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Manage your appointments

Funel in-app appointment management system offers complete oversight of each appointment with easy-to-use interface that provides all the essential information you need before making a call.

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Effective communication

we have a dedicated 24X7 chat system that connects you directly to our project manager, ensuring that you can share your feedback and resolve any concerns quickly and efficiently.

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They took the time to understand our targets and worked around those, completing the project on time. In effect, their lead generation services enabled us to significantly improve our sales funnel beyond what was expected with the limited budget.”

The final deliverables were properly checked and they achieved over 90% accuracy. The team at funel consistently stayed on top of the project, providing weekly updates on their progress. They made themselves available to answer all our questions.

We have enjoyed working with the funel. They delivered superb results according to our expectations. They responded to feedback well and made revisions for no additional cost. We had a fantastic journey working with them.

The team were quick learners. As a result, the overall NPS score was better and the average handle time (AHT) was under control. Also, they were able to keep the drop rate under 5% and they outsourced 20% of the total call volume. The team gave very detailed reports.

The engagement was a success. Funel's fantastic project management, communication skills, and overall professionalism shined through. The team was able to meet all the requirements tasks, and we are pleased with the results. They helped us to achieve the exact count and accuracy in the funnel.

Working with FUNEL.IO provides that additional benefit of human involvement in the process of building valuable lead lists. It’s terrific working with smart people who adjust quickly and provide high quality leads, especially when our requirements are complicated.

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