About Dropkey

The DropKey is a portable studio that allows photographers and videographers to set up a proper studio on the go. The setup is equipped with lighting and green background.



Company size:

50+ employees

Funel size:

5 members

Drop Key

It's the first portable and easy-to-transport waterproof studio setup. Drop key is streaming software that blends green screens with technology.

  • Drop key has integrated technology with green screens to provide a fresh and distinct user experience for its clients.
  • To assist video producers, they have in-house tech and support teams. The software includes filters, video editing, and cloud storage.
  • It's a simple setup process for video or content providers to get started.
  • Goals

    Our task was to fill their funnel with 2500 and 35000 B2B leads from various industries. The goal was to extract 3000-5000 photographers, spokespersons, video producers, spiritual coaches, and sales coaches leads every month. Our team assisted them in incorporating real-time data into their sales funnel. We extracted these leads using various technologies, including LinkedIn sales navigator, Sales QL, Zoom data, and Upleads. We were giving them 3000 leads every week. We completed all the goals within the assigned time frame.


    We collaborated with them as lead generating partners and assisted them in meeting the client's goal. Our team began the process by defining the target market using appropriate filters. Consequently, we determined the exact quantity of leads for each sales funnel. An email accuracy rate of 95% resulted in a 100% increase in monthly revenue.

  • Successfully launched three email marketing campaigns
  • 95% Email accuracy.
  • 100% Increase in Monthly Revenue.
  • Client Feedback

    We had a fantastic time working with the funnel. They exceeded our expectations by delivering excellent outcomes. They were responsive to feedback and made changes at no further expense. The efforts of the team have yielded high-quality leads. Prospects and the client's sales team have both given them positive feedback. Their workforce is adaptable, reliable, and open to new ideas. They're able to collect leads from multiple countries by modifying their techniques.

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