About Sonic

Sonic electronics is an eCommerce company based in the united states. They are renowned manufacturers of automobile and car audio devices. In addition, they manufacture entertainment systems for a wide range of consumers.



Company size:

100+ employees

Funel size:

7 members

Sonic Electronics

Sonic Electronix is an award-winning reseller of automotive stereos and electronics. eCommerce giant in consumer electronics with a passion for mobile electronics and audio devices. They are the market leaders in Car Stereo Receivers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, speakers, and other car and portable electronics. They have an excellent supply chain network that helps them offer the lowest prices from Authorized Experts.


‍ Sonic Electronics wanted to expand its distribution network to improve sales. The primary goal was to launch drip email campaigns, and they were looking for distribution network leads for that purpose. The objective was to find distributors in Canada, South Korea, and Malaysia. They sought the assistance of our team to produce such leads. The company's primary goal was to extend its distribution network throughout the worldwide market.


We generated 9800 leads according to our client's requirements. The leads were filtered and validated using email hunter and bounce checker. We completed the project in two months with a team of seven people.

  • They launched the email campaign on these leads
  • 97% Email accuracy and phone number accuracy.
  • We helped them in expanding their distribution network.
  • Client Feedback

    The final deliverables were thoroughly reviewed, and they were more than 90% accurate. The team at Funel stayed on top of the project at all times, delivering weekly reports on their progress. In addition, they made themselves available to address any queries we had. We have found the staff to be by far the finest in B2B marketing and lead generation that we have experienced. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and have been very flexible in building the proper Program for our unique requirements. The entire team is professional and well trained and gets us results. We hope to work with them for many years to come.

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