Funel's Outreach Process

We're the fuel that ignites your sales engine, propelling your business towards growth and success. Our team is powered by creativity, constantly exploring new and innovative sales strategies to drive profitable results for our clients.

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strategy development before funnel creation

Strategy Development

20% work

Once you subscribe with us, We will deploy a dedicated funel manager on your project to assist you with strategy development. Our sales expert will gather all the requirements related to your target market, target countries, target industries, and titles. Once these requirements are received, we will use our analytics tool to develop optimal strategies tailored to your sales goals.

lead generation process

Lead Generation

30% pass

Our lead generation team will develop a list of leads tailored to your target market, diligently researching each prospect and verifying essential details such as company name, size, title, and services to evaluate their suitability for your product or service. Once complete, these leads are shared with our outreach team.

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Outreach Process

60% pass

We believe that personalization is key to building a strong network. We are firm in our belief that impersonal cold pitches aren't effective. We communicate effectively, develop a connection, and build trust and confidence with your potential clients before explaining your services or scheduling a meeting.

funel sales tool

Funel Dashboard

80% pass

The Funel dashboard keeps you informed about our work progress. We've integrated a real-time dashboard into our operations, allowing you to monitor our daily progress, manage appointments, and communicate with the project manager anytime, anywhere. Now you'll have constant access to track our progress and appointments at your fingertips.

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Tracking Progress

100% pass

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your tea as our team of experts diligently reaches out to your target market, generating high-quality appointments for your sales team. With the Funel tool, you'll stay informed and connected, receiving real-time updates on our daily progress. Trust us to handle the outreach while you focus on other aspects of your business.

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Never Stop Learning


We are focused on implementing new sales strategies by combining automation with sales outreach to make the entire process secure, convenient and cost-effective for our clients. we also challenge our teams to constantly enhance their skills, so we can provide our clients with the best possible service, every single day.

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