Terms of Service

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We have set some terms and conditions that govern the usage of our website. The terms: WE, OUR, and US refer to our company. Similarly, you denote website users and customers of our company. Go through the terms of use of our website. We have thoroughly disclosed your obligations, rights, and other details.

To access our website and use our services, you agree to our T&Cs. But our company reserves the right to modify any part of our terms and conditions. So you are bound to follow our updated terms when accessing, browsing, and using our website.

If you believe someone is violating our terms of service, you can write to us at [email protected]

Age restrictions

The minimum age for using the website is 16+ years. Thus, users above this age limit can legally agree to our agreement. We have no liability and responsibility for any age-related misrepresentation.

Data Security

We do not store data of appointments or your contact information on our servers. Instead, we use blockchain technology to provide complete data ownership and security. We have partnered with Stripe for payment processing, and your credit card data is encrypted when you transfer it over networks.

Timeliness and accuracy of data

We will work according to your requirements. We will provide revisions and ensure that the quality of appointments is excellent. However, we do not guarantee the conversion of such appointments or any fixed number of appointments.

Guarantee and Warranties

We appreciate the fact that you have shown interest in our LinkedIn outreach program. We also want to make sure you have a good sales progress with our outreach program. We’ll be as brief as our attorneys will allow. The main thing to remember is that by placing an order or making a purchase at Funel, you agree to the terms set forth below along with Policy.

We do not guarantee any sales from appointments or any fix number of numbers. It depends on your services or products that you are selling. If there isn’t any progress with our outreach program, or if you are not happy with it, we will not be able to issue a refund for our service.

Refunds Policies.

We at Funel work hard everyday for our clients and make sure our outreach increases.Our focus is to introduce your services or products to your target audience. Once you subscribe with Funel, we will deploy a dedicated sales professional on your project. You will have full access to the work done and you can request daily progress report from Project Managers.

Sadly, there are times when you may not get desired outcome from our services, or you don’t get sales. We do give our 100% to make sure you get better results from our services. It is not possible to provide refund as we don't guarantee any sales target. We are a LinkedIn outreach company and with our service we will increase the reach and help you with appointment generation.

We follow certain policies to ensure transparency, efficiency and quality customer care:

  • You will have full access to Funel dashboard where you will be able to track daily progress. You can also request project manager to send you daily updates.
  • We will be deploying one LinkedIn sales expert on your project and he/she will be working 8 hours in a day from Monday to Friday.
  • If you face any issues, please contact our Support Team immediately.
  • Data Recovery.

    Our website also has some historical details, and we use them for reference. We do not store your appointments, and everything is decentralized. Once you close your account, we will not have access to recover the data. You acknowledge that it is your liability to keep a backup of your data.

    Obligations and liabilities of website users.

    To use our website, web application or mobile application and avail our services, you must register with our company. At this time, you have to select the user identifier that includes your password and email address. You must also provide your name and other basic details. Our team will be in touch with you in case of any problems. In addition, we have a dedicated chat panel where our users can interact with the project manager.

    You must not provide false information, as it is an unlawful activity. We have the right to terminate your agreement with us when we have noticed this activity.

    Third-party links to our website.

    News organizations, government agencies, and online directory distributors can link to our website. But we always check these links to ensure that they are not misleading and never imply false sponsorship. Therefore, we approve the request while finding that the link is not unfavourable for our business and its website.

    However, as a website user, you can do it at your own risk when you click on the third-party links. These third-party sites have different policies and terms. Thus, after reaching these sites, you have to read their terms of service.

    Respect for all

    We value our teams and clients. We have no harassment and abuse policy in our company. We all are humans and deserve respect. We may have disagreements that don't give anyone the right to abuse or harass anyone. If you want to complain about your project manager, You can mail your feedback at [email protected].

    Limitation of liability

    We may also cancel any service for any reason without sending a prior notice. In no circumstances will we be liable for any loss, injury, claim, and damages caused by using our site. You agree that you will not copy, sell, resell, and reproduce any part of our website or social media content. We must get our written permission before doing it.


    These terms and conditions are practical until and unless terminated by us. You can also remove them anytime by notifying our team. It will help if you share your feedback with our team.

    We will terminate your services when your subscription is expired. We will keep your account in an inactive mode for two months, but if you fail to make the payments after two months, we have the right to terminate your account, and we will not be responsible for any loss of data.

    Data Security

    We do not store data or your contact information on our servers. Instead, we use blockchain technology to provide complete data ownership and security. We have partnered with Stripe for payment processing, and your credit card data is encrypted when you transfer it over networks.

    Prohibited uses (Who must not use our site)

    • For unlawful purposes.

    • For violating Federal, state, and international laws and rules.

    • For submitting false information during the signing up process.